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Do you really LOVE yourself enough?

After working with a client today, i realized now more than ever the importance of loving yourself unconditionally. In times of dire stress, leaders rise to the forefront soto weaker individuals are on the prowl for people under that stress. These folk hate it when they encounter folk with strong love for self! YOUR happiness …

The Pain

Of course all of you are aware of the happenings in the US right specifically, white cops killing black men or white women calling 911. A rational person can not even imagine this sort of thing. It’s painful because those that stand by and still love these individuals who live in FEAR. Promote it and …

Parents, please get it right.

Its time to parent your children and not allow the main stream 24 hour news cycle to warp your kids minds. Stay focused on your message with them, keep it clear and simple…some can’t seem to get this right…how do you all do it?

No ones perfect

whoever started this perfection crap should be put away because it is the reason so many people go astray, trying to achieve perfection. Let’s be clear, we are human and humans are damaged so therefore we are damaged. What do you think?