Master Business Coach 

As a Business Coach,  I serve as both trainer and mentor, ensuring you have the skills needed to be successful in your business endeavors.   As a Master Coach, those skills crossover to my Business Coaching, which allows me to provide a more focused refinement to your current skills, pinpoint reasonable goals and guide your decisions to ensure you are successful.  


To provide the highest level of service and value, there are details that will provide the key to helping guide you.  
  1. Complete detailed information about your Brand, Vision, Goals
  2. Who are your target customers?
  3. Value Proposition
  4. Challenges you currently face
  5. What are you in business for?  Make money?  Hobby?
Next, we settle on attainable and beneficial goals that begin to establish the vision you have for the business. 

These will become your CORE goals and  must be met or exceeded for your business to grow.

Finally, together we devise:
  1. A set of strategies and action plans designed to push your business to meet its goals.
  2. Create system of quality control which allows exposure of trends that may impact the business.
  3. Follow up system that helps you navigate future challenges. 

Throughout this entire process, business coaches serve as an invaluable source of personalized information and advice.

In a sense some Business owners, new and established, fumble and stumble around like you’d do when the power goes out, you know, it takes a moment to get your bearings, right?  Locate the Flashlight!

So, the Flashlight would be your Business Coach, or me.  Step by step, I hold you Accountable and ensure your Wellness matches your Happiness and follow through.  Let’s Grow!

Rich Genes or Poor Genes?🤞

More about Coach Clement:

I began as an Entrepreneur when I was very young, in fact my flower seed business was great, ok at 8, any money is awesome.  So that began my business ownership and love for helping others do the same, just getting started can be feel like you are in a horror film, I get it!  The good news is, Coaching will get you to place you need to be and keep you there!  I know, because it worked for me!


  1. Your Wellness must be #1 in this business equation.
  2. Forsaking your Total Person Wellness can on lead to your business underperforming.
  3. As a Bonus Value, I will perform a Wellness Assessment for you and share tips on how to get 1% more Well so that you can truly live the motto:    Wealthy is Healthy!  You can not perform to your full capacity unless you are aware of your core vitals and actual understand how to fuel your Total Body.  Let’s Grow!  


Coach Clement Builds Value in People

It’s a universal and statistical fact that certified coaching improves performance dramatically. 

You know the saying, “teamwork makes the dream work?” That’s my coaching style, we are in it together!  Companies, like employees, need constant and purposeful follow up with consistent practical action for the business to thrive for years to come.

I have a focused commitment–to get our clients real results based on their plan.

Lastly, professional coaching isn’t for everyone, but for most , it has been a boon!  Let’s Grow!




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