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I offer proactive, professional support, outside the norms of your social circle and family, to those that can not seem to di it alone and need help.

Life Coaching as a profession draws from numerous other approaches, including training and certifications, psychology, counseling, and sociology, as well as business leadership.

At Clement’s Coaching, I help individuals break negative cycles of behavior, become more decisive, and ultimately go after the things they feel they want in life. As a Coach, I offer support to a range of clients with different goals, or more specialized, such as business, relationships, career progression, family connections, motivation or creativity.

What is Clement’s Coaching? Take a listen.

Get EXCITED! You can and will defeat #resistance.

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Let’s Grow!

My Story

I can remember growing up in a town where it seemed we all were related. In fact, we were, haha! Seriously, it was very close knit and the values we grew up with were consistent across all spectrums. You learned quickly to become a person of your words. That is when you were allowed to speak.

Listening is the only thing you could do except for playing outside and eating fresh vegetables from the garden, everyone’s garden was in play. We learned the value of plants in our diets and our physiques displayed it, as it does now.

Coach Clement – 2020

Little did we know, these lessons would help us our entire lives and so here I am, a product of that great experience ready to listen to your stories as well and help you figure it out.

From service in the USCG to Fortune 500 corporations, people are the same and are impacted internally the same, RESISTANCE happens to ALL humans. I was able to successfully navigate because of my village and being a Black man in America, we must have it together to flourish here!

In this time of change, everyone seems to be impacted in one way or another.

How are you dealing with the pressures of life right now?

What was happening to this seemingly super efficient family?

Complacency. Success at times breeds it, no fault of your own. Recognition is the key here. Resistance creeps in slowly until is devours your enthusiasm and lust for excellence. Here’s 3 signs:

  1. Setting alarm clock and not getting up at that time

2. Getting a membership and slowly decreasing sessions every week

3. Arriving at work late or later than usual.

This is why I became a Coach, my gift to you is holding you accountable and listening to every word you say. It’s your show, get ready to talk and go there! That’s where the truth lies and where change is. You ready?

Value is the only thing that matters in a coaching relationship, I will hold you accountable and help you uncover unconscious motives why you’ve changed.

Let’s Grow!

I love helping people of all walks get the rewards they deserve by helping guide them toward their dreams. I get to watch you soar to heights you have not experienced, yet.

Fortunately, humans work well together especially when we are able to express ourselves and be heard! So, my question:

When would you like me to start listening?

Let’s Grow!


Believe it or not, there are concrete steps to Happiness. IMO, it is also a choice, that’s right, a choice!

So, what are some of the reasons we decide to choose the the opposite? The answer may not be as clear as you may think. In fact, it begins to take shape quite early in our lives and by the time some realize it, they’ve gone down a melancholy path.

Some say it’s the environment while others suggest we can change our disposition as long as we can identify that which is holding us back. I agree with that!

Once we get to the root, we can remove it and prevent it form growing back and stunting your future. Coaching is the most reliable way to get there and it’s at your pace!

Come share your story with me, thanks in advance. Let’s Grow!

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