Definition of accountability

the quality or state of being accountable especiallyan obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions public officials lacking accountability

“Brian Tracey, Stephen Covey and the great Dale Carnegie”, played a great role in my professional and personal development throughout the years, my hats off to them and the others that cleared the path for us. Coach Clement 2021

It’s OK to ask for help.

Life Coaching, as a profession, draws from numerous proven methods and approaches, including training and certifications, psychology, counseling, and sociology, as well as business leadership.

At Clement’s Coaching, my Specialty is:

Coaching clients to THEIR TRUTH discovery and holding them accountable to their transformation. Creating a “Forever plan” on how to break negative cycles of past behavior, become more decisive, and ultimately set realistic goals. Aligning one’s goals, perspectives and habits are essential to creating new ones.


As a Coach, I offer support to a range of clients with different goals, or more specialized needs, such as happiness, relationships, career progression, family connections, motivation or creativity.

What is Clement’s Coaching? Take a listen.

Get EXCITED! You can and will defeat #resistance.

Stacey Boehman, The Life Coach School are the ! 2k For 2K is great!

Let’s Grow!

I have worked in many different arenas, with people from all over the world and Coached others to excellence in every environment.

Complacency. Success at times breeds it, no fault of your own. A better word is Resistance, it creeps in slowly until is devours your enthusiasm and lust for excellence.

Take a “Test Drive” Coaching session

Here’s 3 signs:

  1. Setting alarm clock and not getting up at that time

2. Getting a membership and slowly decreasing sessions every week

3. Arriving at work right on time or 1 min late or later than usual.

This is why I became a Coach, my gift to you is holding you accountable and listening to every word you say. It’s your show, get ready to talk and go there! That’s where the truth lies and where change is. You ready?

Value and TRUST are the only things that matters in a coaching relationship, I will be reliable and accountable to you so that WE can grow and you WIN!!

Let’s Grow!

I love helping people of all walks get the rewards they deserve by helping guide them toward their dreams. I get to watch you soar to heights you have not experienced, yet.

Fortunately, humans work well together especially when we are able to express ourselves and be heard! So, my question:

When would you like me to start listening?

Let’s Grow!

Come share your story with me, thanks in advance. Let’s Grow!

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