Happiness, Online Class 2020

Life Coach is a type of coaching, or counseling, that can be used to help people who are in major transition phases in their lives, changing careers, starting business, improve their employment outlook via specialized tools and communication via video, internet, in person, holding you accountable and that neutral voice that challenges you to exceed your goals. We are not therapists, our relationship is akin to a teacher-student one. We work closely together with clients to uncover their underlying concerns about their lives and help them develop a plan, and hold them to it! Utilizing a host of tools ie GROW model, DISC assessments and others. Imagine yourself being in the wrong skin, how would that feel? No one really knows for certain but I imagine the people who live that nightmare surely can share stories that would make you cry. So, being able to get to the ROOT cause of your feelings can go a long way to OVER-standing what’s in your way to success or accomplishment. It does not have to be SUPER huge ones. The little ones add up, as you know. One step and one hour at a time…

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Recently a group of Physicians sought me out, as they were stuck! Now they were not stuck at work, but at home! SO at a lunch break, they were watching Channel 13 WVEC news Hampton Roads, Virginia, they first saw me on the local news promoting simple ways to maintain balance at home and work. Healthy is wealthy! So consume healthy nutritious food and keep up regular activity, keeping in mind we are all predisposed to the ills of genetics.

They reached out and we arranged the assessments. After speaking as a individuals, we decided to go at it as a group and so began their journey to understanding the why behind their food relationship. Each had their own reason for loving what they loved but the same theme began to appear. They were all unhappy in their marriages. It was mind blowing for them to hear it from each other and therapeutic.

From all of the information, we were able to create a plan that each followed to their respective goal!!! Each one teach one, we can do all things together, in my opinion.

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1/2 Marathon

As a Life Coach, we work together, game planning, brainstorming helping you change your inside voice to exact a more positive result. The data is out there about happiness and what it means in our lives.

Food is a Mood changer! Even though we have all types of goals, in my experience, our health should be at the TOP of the list. This is why we are qualified in Fitness, Wellness and Nutrition, this ensures we provide you a greater value. There is nothing more important than our HEALTH!

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IMO :  It’s not only about the food, it’s about our relationship with food. 
  1. What is your relationship with food?  How’s your parents?
  2. How do you feel when you eat your favorites?
  3. How do you know you’ve had enough?
  4. What happens if you do not get enough?
  5. Rate from 1 to 10, your need for food when you’re NOT feeling happy or beautiful or worthy?
Make that goal today and soon you’ll be hula dancing in Hawaii 2019!

How does TopCat Enterprises, LLC help you combat all the “harmful and targeted visual warfare”, called food, clothing, hair, body advertising.

First, we begin with a simple questionnaire and 30 minute consultation which features you sharing details about your struggles as it pertains to self image. For more information, please use email link at top of the page.