Its time to parent your children and not allow the main stream 24 hour news cycle to warp your kids minds. Stay focused on your message with them, keep it clear and simple…some can’t seem to get this right…how do you all do it?



  1. It’s funny because today I realized that as parents we do not realize that our children truly are a part of us AND they have a mind of their own. Minus flaws like we all have, expect our children to have those flaws as well. No worries, remember, we all have flaws and so does our kids. Let’s remove the kids behaviour and what do you have? A fully functional young human that requires information and guidance. Are you providing your kids the guidance they require?

  2. Months have passed and unlike other months, these post months have been different. Not only do we have to deal with the content our kids are exposed to, we’ve got to stay diligent about their hygiene, other folks hygiene.. you follow me? So how do we keep up?

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