For me, one of my life’s promises, is to strive to be the healthiest and happiest Coach I can be, while holding clients accountable to their plans to become their bests as well. What’s your Happy?

Leaders are not doing their jobs if they do not take care of their Health and Wellness, IMO, that’s not leading!

Being well and happy, wow, there is NO price you can place on it!

  1. What daily wellness habits do you currently have?

2. What would living a healthier and more productive life mean to you?

3. How do you de-stress, are you sleeping 7-8 hours per night and how often do you eat nutritiously?

The answers to these questions will shine the light on opportunities that will aid your discovery of the things that are holding you back. Smile! Laugh out loud! Say S-H-I-T as loud as you can, you will definitely feel great!

So to keep the gorilla IN the room, 5000 pound elephant OFF the roof, you get the picture; completing your goals will be a step closer as you remove the RESISTANCE. Start Smiling, please try it.

Maui 2019

The very act of smiling makes us feel better. And, it is contagious. Most people will smile back at you when you smile at them. There are plenty of other ways I share with you about how to work on being a happy person.

These two ways – gratitude and smiling – are important to my overall happiness. Like the MAUI 2019 picture above, for my family to hear Native Hawaiian history and how the invading colonists tried to change them, their culture…but they did not relent, their accountability to each other was as testament to their resilience!

Take a moment and answer these questions, please. Understanding where you are, will help us determine where you need to go!

What does Happiness and Wellness mean to you?
  1. How happy and healthy are you right now?
  2. Are there ways to increase your happiness and healthiness?
  3. How can you encourage others to value being healthier and happier?
  4. Do you keep score of the daily habits that help you be happier and healthier?
  5. What could you start doing today that would help? I can help with this one! I will help you become a happier and healthier leader as a top priority. This will make the journey you are on so much better for you and those you care so much about.

Happiness, like healthy living, requires a commitment. Two of my daily habits help me remain upbeat and happy.

Say No to Pollution!

First, I start each day with gratitude and I end it with gratitude! I can help you plan it and become the happiest and most healthiest version of you!

There are models we use to determine where you are in your life and apply them as needed. The goal is to guide you to being able to accomplish all the things you plan for. How great is that?

Step by step, peeling back layers and exposing the True you and revealing what’s keeping you away from your greatness!

Ready yet? You are not alone, I will help and not judge! Lets Grow!

Let’s Grow!