Coaching has proven to help Everyone

1. When you were younger, who taught you the importance of accountability ?
2. What did they use for motivation when you resisted?
3. How did you receive those lessons?
4. How do you utilize those lessons today?

Coaching has proven to help Everyone

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Coach Clement
I finally decided to change when the realization hit me that not knowing how to do everything was not a deal breaker! In fact, asking for help proved to be one of my smarter moves in life!

Reasons are acceptable EXCUSES

Real talk only: everyday, we internally yield to resistance when confronted with simple tasks. You put them off. Inside voice says, do it and then you do not. In fact, the people closest to you know your pattern of good intentions that seem fall through, on the regular.
1. What are you afraid of?
2. How long have you been held you captive by indecision?
3. What would it mean to you to be able to overcome your resistance and regaining your word to yourself?

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Introduction to Self Accountability - Discover new ways to hold yourself accountable and stick to it. I share several tips that will get you started so you will not want miss out. Coaching presents you with an opportunity to effectively discover yourself in ways you need. As a BONUS, I send you a copy of my latest discussion on Internal Resistance. Lets Grow!