For as long as I can remember, my grandmothers and mother taught me the importance of being a good listener. So much so, I was the one they usually talked to about their day to day lives. You can imagine some of the topics were a little foggy to me but I nodded in agreement just the same and they would keep going like the energizer bunny. In those talks, my listening skills, empathy and questioning skills improved well beyond my years.

In time, in school, sports and with my peers, they began to look to me for advice on a variety of topics. It was amazing to listen to their stories and repeat it back to them and then with a few open ended questions, we’d learn what the real issue was. Soon my reputation grew and with that it lead me to begin my studies of: psychology, sales, marketing and business communication.

Fast forward to today, my career has spanned over 30 years of helping all levels and types of people from all over the globe exceed their goals. The reason I became Life Coach was because I needed their services during my departure from the military. That experience moved me and lead me to where I am today.

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My wish was to make those around me better, you know, “share the love”, allow those seeking a career change, or seeking happiness or need help starting their business, my success amongst this tribe has been awesome. Obviously, you begin to get really good at something you’ve committed your life too, right? Life is no fairy tale, so often times complacency creeps in and your goals get derailed. I get it, it happens to all of us at one time or another. Have you considered the type of personality you are? What about your kids? Some of you have and some have not, for those that have, they may understand their family a bit more than those that do not.

How much do you love yourself?

Real Life scenario: Female client, 40, married, 3 kids. Mid-life crisis, career change candidate and unbeknownst to her, marriage that was on a descent. Mary heard about me through her daughter so she called me. Immediate rapport and laughter was genuine then I asked her to share a few things that made her laugh like that and she became emotional. You see, Mary felt she did not have things, other than her kids, that made her happy. So, of course I wanted to hear more. Long story short, we started working together to sort out her pain so that we could release it and create new triggers that were Happy ones. Some folk actually believe that their life will not be happy. Happiness is your right! It’s also your right to change your condition, let me help you!

MILITARY and FORTUNE 500 experience:

From college life to US Coast Guard onto 20+ years of Fortune 500 corporations, many mentors guided me along the way and now to serve you honorably like I did in the military.

Life provides great opportunities to share and help others learn, so when I’ve failed, it was my fault! Once I accepted it and moved on the more my mindset improved and determination allowed me to succeed the next time. My hope is for us to chat it up one day as laughing is your right and I laugh until my teeth become dry! OK a little dry…. , let me help you (re) discover that happy place and reset happy triggers that will keep that feeling alive for life!

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CR Patterson, some say he made the 1st AUTOMOBILE. He had a dream, and he did not quit until he was riding in his “motor carriage”.

Dreams are just that, in my opinion, dreams. Usually, its not reality, because I can fly in mine…my point is, we’ve got to stay grounded and write our goals – dreams down on paper. Now those dreams are real!

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